If You Take The Word “Faithful” Out of Your Vows, You Deserve the Beating You Are About to Receive

I was watching on the news as the announcement was made that the wife of Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina had released a tell-tale book about her husband’s affair with a mistress in Argentina.

It seems a little odd, doesn’t it, that so soon after the event she is writing a book to air her grievances.  And from a certain point of view, she really doesn’t have anything to complain about.  Yeah, I said it.  This woman shouldn’t be writing a book complaining about her unfaithful husband because she joined him in his plans to be unfaithful.  How do I know?  Read on.

It was announced that when they were going over their marriage vows some twenty years ago, he objected to the word “faithful” and wanted it taken out.  And she capitulated.  And in the moment she did, she joined him as a co-conspirator in the demise of their marriage. What was she thinking?

What is it with all these weak women who will give in to almost anything to get a man down the aisle, to get him to say “I do,” maybe in the hopes that “I’ll change him later?”

Ladies, when you date a guy, he comes “as is.”  God can change him but you can’t.  Nagging won’t change him.  Compromising won’t change him.  If he is an unfaithful rascal when you date him and marry him, he’ll be an unfaithful rascal twenty years down the road.

Yes, I have sympathy for Governor Sanford’s wife.  Yes, he’s a pig. We all agree on that.  But before you get too teary-eyed over this poor woman’s pain remember, she agreed to it the day she married him.

Here’s my point.  Ask for what you want in a marriage up front, during the dating.  Talk about it. Get to know each other.  Set the standard.  Faithfulness ought to be a baseline. If your fiance` objects to using the word “faithful,” walk away.  No, don’t walk away, run away!  Because this is a person who promises you that after you help make them faithful, have their children, and serve them through a lifetime of faithful companionship, they will screw you over, kick you to the curb, and all you’ll have left is a tell-tale book that will make you a cautionary tale for your brief, fifteen minutes of fame

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