It Might as Well Be You

If God is going to bless someone, it might as well be you.  If He’s going to pour out favor on some business or endeavor, it might as well be yours.  If God is going to show up in a big way for some family, it might as well be yours.

That’s what we learned this past weekend as we continued our series, “Moo Out Loud.”  Not only do we have a standing, a calling, but we have a ministry.  And for our ministries to move forward and find God’s favor, they have to have a mission; a big, important, significant, lifelong foundation and platform from which we can take our stand.

We talked today about the four responses to culture.  We talked about what a meaningful mission is not, but also the benefits of having a mission and knowing if that mission is worthy of your best efforts.

Several people came by this weekend on the way out and said, “Because of this series, I’m no longer invisible.”  That’s like music to my heart.  The worst thing you can be is invisible.  We’ve all been tired, discouraged or depressed, and even despondent.  But no one has to be invisible.  God made you for a purpose.  He has you here for something significant that you can do.  You have a ministry, but your ministry needs a mission.  If you listen to today’s talk, you’ll find out how to make that happen.


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