Join Us for the David and Paula Show Today when the subject will be on the four pressure points in marriage.

Marriage is the most important relationship any two people will have on this planet. A man pledging his love to a woman, a woman doing the same, and joining together to grow great lives is not only sacred and honorable, but downright difficult.

We’ve discovered the number one reason why people wind up in divorce court is they are no longer living on the same page. They started out there, it got them to the altar to say, “I do,” but since that moment they’ve drifted apart.  Something is wedged between them.  On this show, we will identify those four pressure points that if allowed to drift and expand out of proportion, can drive you apart for good.

Join us for the David and Paula Show this morning at 10:00 Central time, as we give time-tested advice on how to live, love, and have a life all at the same time.

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