Oil in The Sand, Stain on the Feet; Things You Can’t See, but Are There

I’ve done some running this week at the beach on the Gulf Coast.  And as you know, the oil spill has affected the entire region.

The interesting thing is where I am, looking at the sand and the water and the waves and all the people, you can’t see it.  On the first morning I did my beach run, I came back and looked down and realized that my feet were caked with sand.  When I looked at my feet they were brown and black and had that faint oil smell to it.

It’s amazing.  It couldn’t see it, couldn’t smell it, but it was there, and it stained my feet.  Each time,it took about an hour and a half to get it off.

I thought about how easy it is sometimes; the things that come into our lives and our relationships that we can’t see or smell, that shouldn’t be there; things that are corrosive over time. Not something that’s overt, big, and flashy, but something allowed to stay will ultimately destroy us.

What are the things that are going on right now in your life that you can’t see, but are there and need to be dealt with?

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