Permission, No: Will, Yes

We’re trained from the very earliest in our lives to not make good decisions.  It’s not a conspiracy to keep us down.  It’s just the way we’ve chosen to organize the world.

As a result, we’ve raised a generation of permission-seeking conformists who are looking to plug into the system so they can reap its rewards.

What I’ve learned is that I don’t need permission, I need a will, a want-to, a drive, a passion, a desire; something that will allow me to prevail against the predictable and outrageous adversities that come the way of every person who dares raise their head and see something worth giving their lives for.

A life runs on “will” like a train runs on tracks.  On the one side of the tracks is the will of God.  Even Jesus prayed in His most desperate hour, “Thy will be done.”  The other side of the track is the will that I believe is God-created and placed in our hearts.  So the dual track is simply seeking God’s will and finding it in the will that He’s given me.

I’ve learned that the way God leads me is that He gives me a fire inside, a desire, a passion that leads me alongside the track of His will.  It’s not obscure.  It’s not as hard to find as some people think it is.  It’s there.  And in the pursuit of that great passion or that great will, I’m constantly submitting my will to the will of God so that I can say with confidence, “Thy will be done,” because all I simply do is submit my will to His will and then follow the sustained passion that He puts in my heart.

If you really don’t know what to do with the rest of your life, maybe you need to stop asking permission and start seeking your inner passion.

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