Proof of our Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone Vision

I received this e-mail yesterday:


Julee and I watched the 10:30 service from our front porch this morning. I worked last night till 6 am. so getting up and turning on the computer was much easier than driving from Pegram. Thanks for a great message and thanks for making this webcast available. Although we will never give up the interaction with the Gathering it sure makes it great to be able to be anywhere on earth and hear you and God’s word. Thanks for all you do and all you’ve done.

Love ya Brother, Vic

This is proof of the death of distance in this new wall-less, wireless, worn out world. I received another e-mail that said because of over work and exhaustion, the person could not make it, but they watched on the internet.

Churches that do not use the internet are missing a prime opportunity to extend their reach.

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