RG2G 004 I Have Trouble Believing in God; I’m lost and Off-Track (part 2)

Today on Renegade’s Guide to God we’re going to continue our discussion of the questions that we’ve received from several people who are reaching out for help, asking really good questions.

One of the things that attracted me to Christ in the first place is that He always entertained questions.  He loves curiosity.  He knows that truth is important and that we shouldn’t stop short of truth by embracing religious cliche`s or sentimental beliefs.  So today we’ll talk about the real reasons you can trust the Scriptures, how you can know for sure, how you can avoid the pitfalls of condemning others.

Today’s episode is a great companion to last week.  Listen to them both, or share them with a friend and then have a conversation.

Remember, when people ask you questions about your faith, you’re to respond respectfully and rationally; not emotionally or religiously.

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