RG2G 008 How Do I Find a New Church?

It is my firm conviction that everyone should go to church, and needs to go to church. But one of the biggest questions is, how do you find a new church?

Whether you are moving, have been inactive for many years, or have been hurt by a church-split or problem, if you’re now ready to try again, there are as many church choices as there are reasons to find one.

Today, I talk about some of the characteristics you need to look for in a church that you commit yourself to.

Going to church every seven days is not only a good thing, it’s a God thing.  It will revolutionize your life, your attitude, and your future.  So if you need a little help, or if you’d just like to measure your own church to see whether or not you’re the church other people would choose, today’s show is for you.

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