RG2G 011 The Jesus I Never Knew

Today on Renegade’s Guide to God, David talked about the real Jesus; not the Jesus you often hear about in church – the nice, sweet Jesus.  Too often Jesus is presented in American culture in a bathrobe, pale, long blond hair, blue eyes, and limp-wristed.  And yet, the real Jesus was anything but.

So today David talked about why the very best word used to describe the kind of man Jesus was, would be Renegade. He defied convention at every turn.  He spoke truth to power.  He talked about the virtues like humility, love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness.  He said that His followers would be peace-makers. Yet at the same time He said He’s come to set son against father, wife against daughter, house against house.  What did He mean?  What kind of man is it that literally turns the world upside-down?

Think about it.  While Christianity has its problems, Jesus is more popular than ever.  After 2,000 years, Jesus simply won’t go away.  Today we find out some of the reasons why.

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