RG2G 012 What’s Gone Wrong With the American Church?

All of my adult life, I’ve had a passion to plant, lead, and grow the American church.  My years involved in this mission, this labor of love, has allowed me to see many movements come and go.  In today’s show I talk about what I think the three most important developments have been since 9/11, and three diseases that have shown up in the church as a result.

Let me be quick to say that there is a lot that’s going right with the American church.  But to truly reach our redemptive potential, we need to look inside and see what part of who we are has drifted from what our original mandate has been.

I talk about the three developments since 9/11; this brand new world that is more like the Old West was in the days when things were new, growing, and unpredictable in their directions.

I talk about the three diseases, the discomforts that have grown up in the American church, that have not addressed and reversed what keeps us from going to new heights of influencing contribution in this brave new world.

I truly do believe this is one of the best times to be leading a spiritual community, if you know where we are and how to engage.

One thought on “RG2G 012 What’s Gone Wrong With the American Church?”

  1. In all the talk about planting new churches I have found that there is more talk about it than action. Many churches agree that church plants are needed. However, they cough, snort, and make all manner of comments and reasons why they cannot participate in such a great mission/ministry. We continue to move as a church ministering and discipling over 100 each week, yet not one Nashville church will partner/sponsor us. I wish you would look at how God is working in East Nashville via churches from North Carolina. I had actually forgotten having met you via internet but this blog came across my desk today. Please pray that God will lead someone in Nashville, TN to care about the work that is being accomplished in Jesus name.

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