RG2G 013 Advancing the Church in the Age of Free-Agency

There’s a great big difference between the church that’s taught in the Scriptures and the church as an organization that we see in various states of decline in health.

Today we talked about advancing the church; the church as a movement, a worldwide movement of redemption, reconciliation, and restoration.  How does a church continue to advance its good work into a brand new world where we have the death of distance, and the gatekeepers no longer have the power to lock you out?

We talked about the brave new world that’s wireless, wall-less, and worn-out; a new kind of non-church-member member called a free agent; someone who no longer lives in compliance, but defies convention, that looks for a church that is dynamic and growing, not simply one that has the denominational label.

We talked about the ten ways in which the church is advancing in this brave new wireless, wall-less, world.  We discussed things like the difference between crowds and community,  the difference between members and mates, the difference between training people to do church work and going out to live to do the work of the church.  We talked about why it’s important that we go from Sunday to every day; the difference between dogma and mystery, the difference between retreat and advance.

If you have any responsibility for leading a church in the American culture, this talk is just for you.

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