RG2G 014 Is Life a Matter of Fate, Self-Help, Destiny, or Dumb Luck?

In a recent interview, Matt Damon was asked if he believed in fate, or luck.  This was in reference to his new movie called “The Adjustment Bureau.”

The story behind the movie is that in our normal, everyday lives there is a force unseen; controlling, not only the people we meet, but the decisions we make and the opportunities that are even available to us.  In the movie this force is clandestine and unfriendly.

Damon answered the question like I’ve seen many others: thinking, pondering, considering, admitting that so many of the paths that his life had taken had looked providential in retrospect.  So today on the Renegade’s Guide to God, we’ll be talking about the different options between fate, self-help, providence, or just plain dumb luck.

I am often shocked at how many people who call themselves Christians, who have a theistic basis for their life, who embrace with seemingly no consistency the idea of luck, or fate, which takes God and providence totally out of the picture.  You’d be pleasantly surprised to know that you are not a random accident, living a life of accidents strung together by dumb luck.  There is Someone at work behind the scenes.  And this person has your best at heart.

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