RG2G 016 Five Signs You’re in a Shame-Bound Church

All across America, every seven days, in over 450,000 churches, people gather to worship.  And you would think that all of that collective meeting over a long period of time would produce grace-filled, energetic, life-giving faith in the people who attend.  But oftentimes the exact opposite happens.

Why?  Basically because all churches are not created equal.  Church is not a monolith of belief or behavior.  Churches are very different and you need to be as careful in choosing a church as you are in committing to attend it.

On today’s show we talk about the five signs that you might be a part of a shame-bound church.  If you go to church for your weekly whipping where you are condemned, where guilt is the motivation for serving and giving, then you might need to think about switching to a grace-based church rather than a shame-bound, religious church.

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