RG2G 018 Why I’ve Given Up Trying to Win People to Jesus

All of my Christian life, I’ve heard how important it is to be a soul-winner, to win people to Jesus, to convince people that the Christian faith is the way to go.  But for the past 21 years, I’ve seen more lives transformed through the power of Jesus than I ever dreamed or hoped that I might.  And I have to tell you, in the last 21 years I have not tried to win anybody to Jesus.

Winning people to Jesus gives one or two ideas.  One, that Christianity is something that can be forced on someone through salesmanship against their will.  Or two, that I as a Christian feel I am superior to you, and feel like I need to overlay onto you my expectations.

On today’s episode, we talked about the true nature of Christianity, that Christianity is not something to be sold, but something to be lived. It is telling our story, relating where we have found hope, bread, help; being compassionate, sympathetic, and open to hearing other people’s story that goes furthest toward helping people discover the life-giving relationship that comes from opening our hearts up to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

If you’ve been made to feel guilty because you don’t witness more, or because you don’t “share your faith,” today’s episode is a must.  Gather other friends around you in a small group and listen, and see  how the practical advice will help you be more effective in your ability to make a difference.

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