RG2G 021 You Cannot Be a Christian and Do That

One of the hottest debates, at least in American Christianity, is about how Christians behave.  What can a Christian be expected to do and not do?  What’s the actual nature of Christianity?  Is it a sin-management program?  Is it adherence to a certain strict set of doctrines? Is there a certain set of behaviors that you must demonstrate in order to be considered Christian?

Today on Renegade’s Guide to God, we talk about what’s at the heart of Christianity.  Is it the good works we do that make us Christian and justify us before God?  Or is it simple faith?  And is it faith alone, intellectual ascent to a certain set of facts that make us Christian?  Or is there something more going on that we ignore to our own detriment?

Today on the show we’ll answer the question, “Which is more important; faith or works, behavior or attitude, heart, or the actual things we do?”  We’ll talk about what sort of things are totally out of bounds in Christianity.  And this list might surprise you, because drinkin’, smokin’, and gamblin’ don’t make the list.

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