RG2G 022 If God is So Good, Why is There So Much Suffering in the World?

One of the thorny dilemmas anyone, anywhere faces when they affirm the goodness of God, is, “How can God be good and there be so much pain, suffering, and darkness in the world?”

In talking with a young seeker several years ago, he posed that question to me.  He said, “I just can’t believe in a God that would allow so much pain in the world.”  I responded by asking, “So you can’t believe in God because of all the pain and suffering, all the things you see that are counter to the proclamation that God is good and gracious?”  He said, “Absolutely.” I said, “So you can’t live in a world with pain and God, so you’ll live in a world with just pain.”

On the show today we delve deeply into that subject and help you understand that God wastes nothing; not even our pain.  God is not bound by the sins and the stupidity of others as it relates to what He can do in our own lives.  And here’s a revelation.  He’s not even bound by our own stupidity. You’ll find out more on today’s show.

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