RG2G 023 How to Buy a Bible

At the core of every Christian’s life is the reading and studying of Scripture.  The Bible is indeed God’s word.  We believe that it is inspired by God, given by God.  It is the direct revelation of God.  It is the foundation for all that we do. It is our ultimate authority.  It tells us Who God is, what He wants, and what He expects.

Unlike any other book in the world, the Bible can be read and reread and studied for a lifetime, and still only skim the surface of the depth of its meaning.  It’s a living document. As you read it, the Scriptures promise that it reads us back.  One of the most important things we will ever do is buy a Bible, choose a verse, and make a lifelong habit of digesting its content.

On the Renegade show today, we talk about how to buy a Bible: some of the practical aspects of leather or hardbound, study or non-study, paraphrase or literal translation, which can be trusted and which others should have a warning light. How big should a Bible be?  How big should the font of the text be?  All today on the Renegade’s Guide to God.

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