RG2G 026 Why the World Didn’t Come to an End on May 21, 2011

Once again we stand in the wake of the disappointment of those who prophesied and predicted the rapture this past Saturday.

If this were just the weird prediction of a small group, we could ignore it.  Reports say over a hundred million dollars was spent to advertise and promote this idea on this date.  Not all the intentions and purposes were good.  Maybe we need to look at what motivates these people who make these predictions.

Also, while we’re at it, let’s clear up some wrong attitudes and understandings about the second coming of Christ. Because a lot of people think that what God’s going to do is destroy the earth – not true; that God is going to come and cause wars and famine – not true; that God is going to somehow out of anger and frustration just simply pull the plug, walk away, and let the world implode on itself – not true.

On Renegade today we talk about what the Scriptures teach about the second coming of Christ, why we can’t and shouldn’t seek to know it, and how we should live in light of it.

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