RG2G 029 How to Say “No” to Small-Minded Religion

Our desire to know God and lead a meaningful life is one of the most powerful forces that drives us forward.  So powerful is this desire, that it is easily manipulated by religion.  America is littered with the victims of small-minded, toxic religion.

On our show today we talk about how to identify small-minded religious ideas whose only motivation is to manipulate and control. We’ll contrast this with the Christian idea that we are in the world, not of the world; that we’re challenged to be stewards of our lives and to make something beautiful, attractive, and long-term of our days.

As a follower of Jesus I am challenged constantly to live up to the potential that God created in me, and gives me the chance to work out in everyday life.

Being a Christian is not making the world smaller, but drawing a circle to make the world bigger.  It’s not about believing less, but believing, attempting, and achieving more.

It is possible to know God and love God, and live the life for which you were created.  But you’re going to have to see religion for what it is: man’s attempt to control God and manipulate you.

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