RG2G 034 Does Predestination Mean My Choices Don’t Matter?

Today’s topic was sent in as a question by a listener.  It has to do with predestination, predetermination, and things like free will.

Without question, the Scriptures have something very definite to say about predestination.  But oftentimes predestination is interpreted as fatalism, which means it doesn’t matter what we do or how we respond, everything is already set, every outcome is inevitable, and God doesn’t need, want, or use our pitiful efforts.

Rather than predestination being a dark, depressing theological burden, it was intended to be an encouragement.  It’s more about God’s providence than your own personal choices.  The truth is, from Scripture, predestination and choices go hand-in-hand.  You’ll see how on Renegade’s Guide to God.

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