RG2G 035 Does Praying for People Really Work?

Maybe you’ve been in a church service, gotten an email, or seen a conversation on Facebook that people are calling for corporate prayer.

This goes on all the time.  People ask us, “Hey, would you pray about this?” “Would you pray for me?”  Oftentimes we say we will, but really we’re just being polite, and we forget.  So it leads us to the question, “Does praying for other people really work? Is this really important?  Is it in the volume or the number of prayers that God hears and answers?”

It’s exceedingly frustrating to pray and nothing happens.  It’s downright disappointing to pray over time repeatedly and see almost nothing happen as a result.  It’s easy to get discouraged and quit praying.  Today we’ll talk about why prayer is important, why corporate prayer is talked about in the Scriptures, and how we could pray more effectively.

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