RG2G 036 How to Run Off the Church Bullies

Sad to say, there are some baaaaaad people out there.  Not just dumb people, stupid people, selfish people, but bad people.  And those people come to church.  Sometimes it seems like more of them come to church than good people.  The truth is, in every church there are people who are there to cause trouble.  The health of your church and the future of its ministry depends on your ability to sanely, safely, and wisely identify these people and render them powerless.

If there is one fundamental thing the Scriptures teach us that we’re always hesitant to acknowledge, it’s that there is evil in the world.  As a follower of Jesus, I want to believe the best about everybody.  I want to believe that everyone has the right motive, particularly those who use the name of God, those who are attracted to churches, those who want to gather in God’s name to do good things.  But there are people who are there for power.  They want to control.  They feel powerless and helpless in every other arena in their life, and the church affords them almost an endless opportunity to step into leadership and places of influence; hide, and then all of a sudden raise their ugly head to cause dissension, conflict, and sometimes destroy not just the unity of the church, but the church itself.

If you have never been a part of church conflict, you will be.  How you deal with it depends on your long-term effectiveness for God, the gospel, and good,

5 thoughts on “RG2G 036 How to Run Off the Church Bullies”

  1. Recently read RG2G (LOVED IT!) and wish more people would read it….
    Too many nowadays preach LOVE at the pulpit but in everyday life they refuse to dispense that very LOVE they preach about…….

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    We need to save the people from religious bullies who want to control. For me, teaching and writing, serves the the purpose of helping people know God and love God and live the life for which we were created and to do it with joy and energy!

    Yea God!

  3. I have been to church services where people just did not act like I was welcome, or made me feel like I was supposed to pay for their kindness or prayers. I am thankful for the gathering I can be churched without going to church. I have had enough of the church bullies to last a lifetime. Thanks for the work you do for the Lord on every day of the week not just on Sunday. God bless you all.

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