RG2G 037 Why You Don’t Deserve a Second Chance

We often hear people say, “He deserves a second chance.”  But do we deserve a second chance?  There’s something else going on in our lives when we do get a second chance. When we’re able to re-enter our lives in a saner, spiritual way, God is at work.  And one of the principles that we misunderstand is that grace is not something we earn or deserve.

We often talk about the love of God as if it’s a given, like air, sunshine, or the fact that we get thirsty. God’s favor cannot be assumed, or taken for granted.  Because once we do that, we take God for granted.  We begin to ignore Him and make a world on our own image and reflection rather than His.  The song we learned as kids is still true.  This is my Father’s world. He’s got the whole world in His hands.  But everything He gives us is a gift, not earned.  The question is, what is our response to a God who gives us everything that we can’t earn or deserve?  Do we abuse it?  Do we use it? Or do we turn it into an act of worship that not only pleases God, but transforms our own lives in the process?

Religion is about rights, rules, and obligations. Christianity is about love, grace, mercy, and a relationship.

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