RG2G 039 Can a For-Profit Business be a Valid Christian Ministry?

As long as I can remember, Christian businessmen have struggled with the question, “Is what I’m doing honoring to God?”  Can a true for-profit Business be a valid Christian Ministry? I say “valid” in the same way a church is a spiritual endeavor.

Sad to say, that many Christian businessmen and women don’t feel validated by their churches and even their other brothers and sisters in Christ.  The question is, “Isn’t Monday through Friday a time to worship God, to serve God, and to do ministry, or is it just delegated to Sunday morning?”

Far too often in the American church, we train people to do church work (which is volunteer), and serve the ministries of the church (which is a very good and valid thing), but fail to also validate the energy, dedication, and sacrifice that these same people make to make their businesses successful.  It’s time that we give a bigger view to what ministry is, and today we’ll talk about that on Renegade’s Guide to God.

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