RG2G 042 I Can’t Stand My Parents; Can I Still Be a Christian?

One of the hardest things it seems for Christians to deal with are relationships.  And the hardest relationships it seems to redeem, are family relationships gone bad.

The Scriptures are very clear.  As a matter of fact, it’s one of the Big Ten – that we should honor our father and mother.  But what does a person do when they become a Christian and they realize that they are supposed to love everyone, especially their parents, and yet they’ve been estranged from their parents for many years?  Maybe the relationship has been toxic since childhood.  Oftentimes young Christians deal with how to approach parents that were abusive and just simply abandoned them in the past.  The question is, “How do you understand the mixed feelings of wanting to honor your parents according to the Scripture, because now you love God and want to please Him, and yet the difficulty of forgiving and healing deep wounds over time?”

The truth is, the command to honor your father and mother is not what a lot of people promote it to be.  And that is, just allow your parents to run over you, mistreat you, abuse you, and smile and give a big “God bless you.” In this episode of Renegade’s Guide to God, we’ll help set you free from the bondage of loving parents.

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