RG2G 051 Breaking Your Brain Out of Jesus’ Jail

You can’t be a Christan and be an intellectual, right? We all know that all Christians think alike.  To be a Christian is to conform, not only in lifestyle, but in thought pattern as well.  All of these lies have been shoved down our throat, and overlaid on us by others.  But none of them are true. 

We tackle one of the biggest assumptions that’s overlaid on Christ and that is that, because we are followers of Jesus, because we have a unity of faith, our minds are somehow in bondage so that we’re not allowed to use them.  But the truth is, Jesus not only redeemed my soul, He’s also in the process of redeeming my mind.  If I’m free in Christ, doesn’t that make me a free thinker as long as I am thinking thoughts of Christ?  As a follower of Jesus, I can embrace truth wherever I find it? 

I need not be afraid of any truth, whether the person who is espousing that truth is a friend or not.  Science is a friend of God as long as we are in the pursuit of truth.  The arts are a friend of God, the way God creates beauty in the world through broken lives as we think, connect, and express ourselves.  As a matter of fact, on the show today I made this statement: “I am a creative thinker, armed with God’s truth and wisdom, free to dream and drive; able to try and trust.”

If you know anyone who thinks that to be a Christian is to put your brain in Jesus’ jail, to lose your brain, to not be an intellectual, not think for yourself, to not have big ideas, they need to listen to today’s podcast because we’ll break those stereotypes and tell the truth.  To anyone who loves God, God gives them not only the gift of salvation, but the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, and the happiness those two things can bring when applied.


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