Sex and Marriage – How to Make the Most of Them Both: Today @ The Gathering

Today was installment number nine in our current series, “Accept No Mediocre Marriage: The Top Ten Things They Don’t Tell You Before You Say ‘I do’.”

That subtitle doesn’t apply anywhere more importantly than it does with the issue of sex.  Think about it. The two most important things in our lives – money and sex – are hardly ever talked about in church.  They are relegated to movies, magazines, and other media mavens who reinterpret these powerful forces in our lives and lead us down dead end streets.

Today we talked about the 6 stupid myths that have developed and grown up around our sexuality.  We talked about the three rules for super sex inside our marriages.

Here is the bottom line. If we don’t talk about this and deal with this from God’s perspective, we all lose.  Think of this. All of these societal issues are born out of the heart of God: marriage, sex, relationships, faithfulness, fidelity, and honor.  All of these are God concepts.  You’ll find them talked about and given practical application in this talk today.

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