Shut Up, Unless You Care

Have you ever noticed a lot of people doing a lot of talking and oftentimes what they say has the opposite result?  Instead of moving, influencing, inspiring or gaining compliance, people bow up and resist them at all odds.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes people simply won’t listen to you?  Maybe what you said or how you said it, or the tone in which you said it conveys that you don’t care.

Here is the truth: we don’t listen to people who don’t care about us. If you care more about your agenda, getting your way, or moving your project forward than the people you work around; if you come home and scream at people or just simply give them the cold shoulder, when you speak you’ll most likely get the opposite result you’re looking for.

Remember that in every relationship no matter if it’s at work or at home, you are leading without power.  All you have is influence.  How do you gain influence? Convince people that you care about them, that you have their best interest at heart, that you will against all odds, practice WWONDA – Win/Win, Or No Deal, Always.

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