Six Basic Beliefs That Can Rebuild a Nation

Yesterday at The Gathering I launched a new series called, “”  With this new series we join the nationwide emphasis led by Dave Ramsey called

This is a grassroots, common sense effort to step into the breach of fear, doubt, and uncertainty, and show that God is still alive and working in the lives of His people. As we step up to live life God’s way, good things can happen.  When millions of us take personal responsibility, work hard, love our families, serve a noble cause, and make life good for ourselves, we make it good for everyone else.

We started off yesterday with the first basic belief that built our nation: that God is good, and that we were one nation under God; and that if God were on our side, we could do anything.  We could build a nation, fight our wars, create an economy where everyone could win, and lead the world in creative, innovative products and services.

But lately, we have entered a climate where we’re not really sure about God’s place in our lives.  With this talk, we faced some of the hard questions, the basic of which is, “What if God is not for us?” Where would that leave us, and what would those of us do who love God and believe that living a life for Him is why we’re here?

What if you lived in a society that doesn’t honor God? Can you still do it?  Can you still see the blessings of God?  Can a handful of people make a difference when a nation full of people are indifferent You might be surprised at the answer.

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