Stuck in a Hell Called, “Why Me, Why Now, What For?”

Almost without exception, everyone I’ve ever met or counseled with, when faced with pain and adversity asks all or one of the following three questions:  “Why me, Why now, What for?”

Of the three, the most perplexing is the last, “What for?” What possible purpose could this be serving? The death of a loved one, the loss and estrangement of a child, cancer, the loss of a job or even a career, an accident, a divorce, a thousand other dark, sad experiences lead us to question, “What is God’s purpose in this pain and where is it all leading?”

Yesterday in the series, “When You’re Going Through Hell Don’t Stop,” we talked about the process by which God uses pain to grow us up.  How we respond to temptation, testing and trials; understanding what each one of them are directed to and how to respond is key to growing through the pain.

Remember everyone goes through the pain.  Everyone goes through the fire.  But not everyone gets burned.  Some people can use the fire as a refiner’s fire and get better, not bitter.  Which are you?

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