Take Your Stand (part 2)

I believe it’s at the Indianapolis 500 that the race begins with, “Gentlemen, start your engines!”  That’s the signal for the roar of those powerful engines to come to life.  Horsepower idling potential linear movement, maybe glory, maybe a record, maybe even the history books.

We know that cars have engines, but people have engines too; things that wake them up.  Those who take their stand have found something that motivates them; a passion.  That’s it – a passion.  That’s what we’re told.  Find a passion.  Here is the problem when we find our passion.  We’ve found out that a lot of other people have found their passion too. And so we end up being one among many.

But you know what?  That’s true not only in the Indianapolis 500, it’s true in all open-road races, in NASCAR.  That’s true in the Boston Marathon, New York Marathon.  That’s true in life.

What really sets you apart is that, along with your passion for something, you also become angry; angry at your own stupidity, angry at the stupidity of others, angry at the price that something gone wrong is costing humanity.

When Paula and I decided that we would take our stand on the issue of marriage, we didn’t do it because we needed something else to do.  We didn’t do it because we thought it would be a great way to spend our life.  We didn’t do it so we could try to tell other people what a great marriage we have.

We did it because we just simply couldn’t stand seeing good people destroyed by a failed marriage and a brutal divorce all because they didn’t have the skill it took to stay married for a lifetime.

So what’s your problem?  Ask yourself everyday, “What’s your problem?”  And when you can answer that, you may have found your calling.

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