The 5 Signs Your Marriage is in Trouble: Today on the David and Paula Show

How sad it is when Paula and I meet with couples who tell us they don’t care about saving their marriage.  Why is it that people wait until their love and desires have died before they recognize that something’s wrong? Is it that, particularly in marriage, it’s all or nothing?  It’s either exciting and happy, or it’s terrible and “I want a divorce.”  There doesn’t seem to be much space in between.

So today we’re going to talk about the five signs that your marriage is in trouble. You might be surprised to hear some of these signs because oftentimes they’re the very things we hear when people try to justify how good their marriage is and how much they don’t need help.  People tell us, “I would go to the ‘Making Marriage Fun Again’ Live Event you guys have if I felt like we needed the help, but we’re doing pretty good.”  And when I hear that, I think, “Man have I heard that before.”

Listen for yourself today, live at 10:00 AM.

Also there are three slots left for the “Making Marriage Fun Again” Live Event here in Nashville this coming Friday night if you are interested.

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