The Best Leaders Limp a Little

Straight-forward.  Street-smart. The real deal. All of these are adjectives we use to describe our best teachers.

Teaching is important.  Jesus was called “rabbi” because He was a teacher.  In our summer series we’re talking about the importance of understanding the role that teachers play in our lives.

We talked about the fact that teachers are culture-makers, that teachers are truth-seekers, and today we emphasized the importance that our teachers have experience as they guide us to truth and wisdom in life.

We talked about the four important qualities of the teachers we want to follow, and of the teachers we ought to be.  We described and explained qualities like courageous, competent, curious, and caring.

We also talked about the things that we as teachers want to teach those around us. The mantra of our series is, “I live, I learn.  I learn, I teach.  I teach, I live forever.” If I want to live forever in those I’ve been able teach and influence, the question is, what are the things I absolutely want them to know?  We talked about 8 things that are important to get across as teachers for the next generation.

If you want to live beyond your life, make sure you’re a teacher.  The houses you build, the institutions that you organize will all fade away in time.  But the hearts and souls you have imprinted with truths, with enthusiasm, with the ability to know, understand, and explain the important things of life, make being a teacher one of the greatest gifts that God gives any of us.

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