The David and Paula Show: Help! We Hardly Talk Anymore.

Join us today for the David And Paula Show when the subject will be, “Help! We Hardly Talk Anymore.”

In episode 17, David and Paula will be dealing with communication in marriage.

More and more, we hear people say this in counseling, “We hardly talk anymore.  We don’t communicate.  We pass each other in the house, but we never acknowledge our presence.”  Communication breakdown can lead to the demise of your marriage.

Today we’ll be discussing the questions, “How do we start communicating when we’ve stopped talking for so long? And how do we do it in an effective, constructive way?”

Join us at 10:00 AM Central time for the live version of the David and Paula Show.  If you can’t join us at 10:00, make sure you subscribe to the David and Paula Show at iTunes, or go to the web site and listen to the online version.

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