The Debate Debacle

large_080613_ap_obama-mccainI made a commitment the other night to listen to the entire Presidential debate, mainly because it was here in Nashville and that was something to take great pride in.

But as usual, I was disappointed.  It was, in my judgment, a total debacle: two men trying to say the most non-specific, non-confrontational, inoffensive things they possibly could in order to accentuate their popularity.

Here is my question: In a time of great change and upheaval, where are the men and women who stand and speak with a conviction from the heart?  Is it only Kenny Loggins in a song in the seventies that really understands that crucial crisis times call for deep abiding conviction?

One of the questions last night to Senator McCain was, “What sacrifices are you going to ask from the American people?”  I thought it was a great question that wasn’t answered.  Do we really believe that anything worth having, especially as a country, can be had without sacrifice?

We need men and women who stand up and speak with the conviction of their heart.  As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am a man of deep conviction.  I believe there are certain things that are right and true that have to be protected, and even defended.  Lovingly, kindly, graciously, respectfully, carefully, tenderly, but nonetheless, there are some things that are absolutely right, and some things that are absolutely wrong.  And it’s high time in these changing times that we understand that nothing is going to get better until we find some convictions and stick with them.

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