The One Thing Forgiveness Can’t Do

Forgiveness is great.  As a Christian, it’s a core belief of mine.  Forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration are at the heart of what God is up to in the world.  But sometimes I think we Christians use forgiveness as a cure for our misbehavior.

The truth is, there is something important forgiveness can’t do.  It can’t unscramble an egg. Yes, it’s that simple.  It can’t make everything like it was.  It can’t always repair a broken marriage, relationship, or partnership.  We need to be careful about how often we throw the forgiveness trump card around.  “I’ll do this, then I’ll get forgiveness.”  We even glibly say, “It’s better to get forgiveness than permission.”  And how often have we taken that too far?

Understand that you’re only one dumb decision away from tearing down what it’s taken you a lifetime to build up.  And while you might get forgiveness after you’ve done it, your world will forever be changed, like a scrambled egg. If you need proof, just watch the life of Tiger Woods, and the pain over a long period of time Tiger has caused himself, his family, and those who love and admire him.

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