Things I’m Learning From the Flood

As odd as it may sound, life in Nashville seems to be getting back to normal.  But it is, most definitely a new normal.

People are still devastated, many homes have not even been touched, and people are walking away from their entire life’s work in frustration and despair.

But on the other hand, there are a lot of stories that we will hear, songs will be written that have been inspired by the selfless acts of good people, and I dare say we may even have a movie.

So in the in between, these are the things that I am learning from the flood.

  1. It rains on the good and the not so good. There is no reasoning why it flooded in certain places.  It just did.  It was, you might say, a perfect storm.  It rains.  If it didn’t rain on you, it’ll be your turn next time.
  2. Stuff ruins when wet. The economy has gone a long way toward breaking us from being total consumers.  The flood in our city will also help.  It will help us put our stuff in perspective.  It’s great to have stuff, nice homes, boats, cars, and motorcycles.  But stuff ruins when wet.  It doesn’t endure, it doesn’t come to stay, and it can’t give you ultimate satisfaction.
  3. There are good people who will move into action without having to be asked or forced: a lot of good, generous people out there who live out their faith in loving sacrificial ways.  I’ve seen it as I walk through this city.
  4. Churches are not good at helping people. Here’s what I mean. That’s certainly not true if you believe that the church is its people.  And when they move into action based on their convictions, then churches do a lot of good.  But as organizations, churches really suck at getting much done. I’ve seen that too as I’ve walked through the floods.  I’ve seen the sad thing happen again. Some people are just looking for credit, to make videos to show how good they are.
  5. I’ve learned that hope is the best of things. The hope of rebuilding, the hope of coming back when you’re down is a great motivator and strengthener.
  6. I’ve also learned with this flood that despair is the worst thing that can take over a man or a woman.  Not the loss of a home, not the loss of a job, or your worldly possessions, not even your memories; but when despair overwhelms you, you’re done.  You’re toast.

That’s why hope is the best of things.  And that’s why I am learning to hope for better days after the flood.

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