This Weekend @ The Gathering – Are you living a life of irresistible influence?

This weekend @ The Gathering we will bring to a close our summer series, “12 Steps Up: How Messy People Mature,” with Step #12 in AA.  This is where we begin to help free up other people.

Every day I meet people who are frustrated with their lot in life.  They feel as though they haven’t gotten the job, the career, or the breaks that others do.  And oftentimes, that can be true.  But there is a truth you can’t ignore.  Only you can control the choices you make given the life and opportunities you’ve been presented.

This weekend we’ll be talking about how to take our lives and make a mark for God and for good; how to live a life of irresistible influence.

Maybe you have a spouse that drives you nuts, children who are disobedient, people at work who don’t pay you your due respect.  How do you change that?  You can cry for your rights, you can boycott, you can quit, pout, or go home and sit in the corner.  Or, you can live a life of irresistible influence.

We’ll talk about that this weekend @ The Gathering, and introduce our brand new series starting August 15th, entitled “Accept No Mediocre Marriage: The 10 Things They Forgot to Tell You Before You Said, ‘I do’.” Join us at 9:00 and 10:30 AM Sunday at the Thoroughbred 20 Theaters in Cool Springs.

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