This Weekend @ The Gathering – What do you do after dumb?

As we continue in our series, “12 Steps Up: How Messy People Mature” this weekend, we’re going to be talking about how you face up to the pain and aggravation that you cause other people.

The truth of the matter is, hurt people hurt people and oftentimes we do things to wound those that we love the most.  So the question is, what do you do after dumb, after a betrayal, after lying, cheating, stealing, even adultery? What do you do after those times your life has changed because of shortcuts and broken promises that you yourself have committed?

If you know someone who’s reeling after a string of failures, dumb decisions, lay-offs, firings – you know the score – this weekend would be the perfect time to come and find out what you do after dumb.  Do you run, or do you try to redeem it?

Remember, at The Gathering, we specialize in God simple, not church complicated which means God loves messy people, you’re a messy person, therefore God loves you enough to accept you where you are and to take you where you want to be.  Join us at 9:00 and 10:30 at the Thoroughbred 20 Theaters in Cool Springs. Tomorrow might be the day that everything changes for you.

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