This Weekend @ The Gathering: One Day You’ll Go Back to Zero (How to get and stay unstuck)

bighurryiconThis weekend at The Gathering we’ll be finishing our current series, “What’s Your Big Hurry?”

We’ve enjoyed this journey as we’ve learned the principles that will help us enjoy our everyday life, and stop worrying too much about the future and living way too much in the past.

We’re going to finish this timely series talking about how to get and stay unstuck by going back to the Old Testament and looking at a very little known principle called jubilee. It was an idea that every fifty years, no matter what had transpired within those fifty years, all land would be returned back to its original owners.  The idea is to give people a chance to get unstuck no matter how they got in a hole, no matter what bad decisions they’d made, it was a period of grace where they could have an ancient “do-over.”

Maybe you know someone who is stuck, they just can’t seem to get traction and get moving forward.  Maybe it’s living too much in the past or having too much of their time spent in dreaming about things that might be; the inability to really put legs on their ideas and make them happen.

We’re going to be talking about how God uses setbacks, delays, lay-offs, firings, downsizings, and a thousand different ways in which we find ourselves at transitions.  And sometimes when we fail to make the turn in the transition, we get stuck.

This weekend we’re going to be talking about how to get and stay unstuck, how to make application to each of these seven principles we’ve talked about.  We’re going to talk about seven “I wills.”  We’re going to be talking about three gifts God gives us on our everyday journey that allow us to start something new, to close something old, and to dream about what may be.

This weekend will be, not only biblical, but thoroughly practical, hands-on, how you do it day by day by day. If you know someone who is looking for a fresh start, a do-over; maybe they need a jubilee in their life where all the past decisions could get wiped away and they have a brand new slate, and the chance to do it right this time.

Remember, we serve a God of grace and new beginnings.  This weekend could be yours, or maybe someone you know.  We’ll see you at The Gathering @ 9:00AM and 10:30 AM. Come with hope, an open heart, and expect to be changed.

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