This Weekend @ The Gathering: Work Essential; Job Optional

This weekend at The Gathering we’ll be continuing our series “They Promised me Chocolate” with installment number 8; dealing with disappointments that we face in our work life.

Work is one of those things that so many of us do without thinking about.  It’s like breathing or eating.  It’s just what we do.   We follow the path of least resistance or worse than that, we enter into a career path picked out for us by other people without understanding the importance of work.

This weekend we’re going to be talking about the proper perspectives of work and six reasons why it is God’s will that we work.  We somehow think that work is a curse from God on mankind.  But the truth is, work is a gift.

We’re going to be talking about the difference between career and calling; the difference between jobs and work.  Oftentimes we confuse a job with the work we’re supposed to do.  One is permanent.  The other is temporary. 

If you know someone who’s been laid off, lost their job, or making a transition, this would be a great weekend to bring them.  We’ll have a lot of good information to help them make great decisions as they choose a new career or calling.

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