Three Essential Elements of a Sticky Brand

brand-760683Some things come on the scene and just stick. Others just slide on by, like on ice. What is it about a brand, a service, an organization, a person, an artist, a band, musician, or a leader that makes them sticky? Here are what seem to me to be three essentials.

1. They are new. By that I don’t mean chronological age, I mean there is a newness about them; not the same old, same old that we’ve seen. They stand out.

2. They’re different. They don’t say the same things or sound like everyone else. They have a different spin on things. They have a teachable point of view. They know how to differentiate themselves from the also-rans around them.

3. They are attractive. Their newness, freshness, and difference makes them attractive, especially against the back-drop of a stale, old past that used to be great but no longer is. Because instead of celebrating the process of life, re-birth, transition, death and resurrection they found something that worked years ago, stopped and stayed there, and now are sitting in the seat of suffering a dysfunctional organization, family, or company.

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