Tiger Woods Has Left Sexual Addiction Treatment and He Wasn’t Alone

I read an article just the other day that Tiger Woods has now left his sexual addiction treatment center, and the report said that his wife was with him.  I thought, “Yea God!”

Wouldn’t it be great, in the shadow of this terrible tragedy, of this terrible debacle, of this display of ultimate stupidity by a smart person, that God had the last word and out of this tragedy came (dare I say the word) reconciliation?

That’s the way to restore your reputation.  Once you’ve fallen, go do the hard work to reconcile. If Tiger and his wife reconcile, everyone wins.  It will set an example for married people all over the country who are taking the easy way out.  The quickest way in America to go to the poor house is to get a divorce.  The surest way to build wealth is to find someone, marry them, and stay married over a lifetime.

Here’s this concept: Someone hurts you.  The pain is great.  The temptation is to run; to hurt them back.  But reconciliation and restoration are God’s way, and the best way to get over what’s gotten you down.

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