Today @ The Gathering – How You Can Build High Levels of Trust That Will Allow Your Marriage to Become Everything You’d Hoped and Prayed it Would Become.

Today @ The Gathering we talked about trust in marriage.  Everyone knows it’s important, but too few of us know how it works.

It’s really important that you understand that relationships are like any other endeavor in life.  You can want them to work.  You can pray for them to work.  But if you don’t know how they function, and acquire the skills it takes to make them healthy, you’ll be frustrated the rest of your life.

Trust in marriage, just like any relationship, works like money in the bank. When you meet, you open a trust account and you give each other some trust currency; not much, just enough to go to the first level of trust.  As a matter of fact, that’s what we talked about today, the 5 levels of trust and how they work.  The levels are: like, love, commitment, admiration, and intimacy.  We also talked about how getting those out of order can almost guarantee the failure of your relationship.

We dealt with the 5 levels of distrust: drift and distance, silence and suspicion, anger and arguing, lies and deception, and level 5, disrespect and loathing.  Once you get to minus five in your level of trust, your relationship is most certainly on life-support.

This talk will help you identify where you are in your trust relationship and give you ways to make true trust deposits that will build the currency of your love and admiration.

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