Today @ The Gathering – Why is it So Hard to Get Family Right and So Damaging When We Don’t?

Today was the second week in our 10-week series, “Accept No Mediocre Marriage: the Top 10 Things They Fail to Tell You Before you Say, ‘I Do’”

Today we talked about the importance of the families we come from and what baggage we often bring into a marriage.

Who doesn’t get married with high hopes and expectations, thinking that the only thing that matters is the guy and the gal up front saying, “I do?”  Well the truth of the matter is that guy and that gal, no matter how well-intentioned they are, have been wounded by their family of origin and they bring that stuff with them, there, that day.  It’s hard to see that to be true because of how good they look: a beautiful dress she’ll never wear again, a tuxedo he’ll never fit into again.  That’s’ why we take so many pictures, because we’re saying somehow in our minds that this is the best we’ll ever be.

We talked about the three things that solid families provide, and what happens when they don’t.  We talked about why family is so hard and we also talked about what we owe each other.

If you are dealing with family issues that you brought into your marriage, generational problems, insecurities, and dysfunction, this talk today can help give you a lot of answers, guidance, and hopefully, freedom.

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