Today @ The Gathering – August 17

Today @ The Gathering we began a brand new series entitled, “Chasing Balance.” In this series we’re talking about the seven positive principles that will help you succeed in your pressure-packed life.

All of us face pressure. Too many of us think it’s bad and think that if we could take all the pressure away that we’d be happy. Well the truth is, pressure is good up to a certain point, and bad after that. It’s like everything else in life. It’s about chasing and achieving balance in three specific areas.

This series was introduced by talking about chasing the trinity; not the trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but the trinity of a truly successful life worth living. They are:

1. The chase after meaning: finding a reason to get up in the morning; why our lives matter. It’s not easy that we seek and hard that avoid; it’s worth it.

2. The chase after significance. We become a significant person; a person who makes a difference, a person who is needed, not necessarily necessary. And in the chase for significance we learn over time that it’s not about gold medals or games won. It’s about relationships, and people, and humility, and grace under pressure.

3. The chase after balance. How practical is the Scripture when it says in Proverbs 25, “If you find honey, eat just enough. Too much of it and you’ll vomit.” As the old saying goes, “There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.”

So to begin on this journey together to discover these positive principles that we can apply to our pressure-packed life, the first principle we talked about is about being “Rooted.” In being rooted, you strike the balance between deep and wide. The truth is you must go deep before you go wide. You must go down before you can go up. And if you do these two things, you realize that quality if it’s placed first, produces quantity.

We talked about the four aspects of the life well rooted.

1. A life rooted in the word of God. The Scriptures tell us that heaven and earth will pass away but the word of God will abide forever. The sacred Scriptures become our authority and our foundation on which we build our lives.

2. A life rooted in the purposes of God.

3. A life rooted in the presence of God.

4. A life rooted in the promises of God.

Next week we’re going to move onto the second principle which is built on the rooted principle, and that’s the concept of “Flow.” We live our lives everyday out of the overflow that we’re experiencing in our relationship with our creator.

We also re-emphasized our Upgrade program. If you’ve not heard about the exciting things that are happening there, go to our web site, and click on “Upgrade.” Many people are getting excited about participating and you can see the changes each weekend as we gather.

One of the things we need to comment about is an intangible that is going on at The Gathering. It’s this Gathering joy, this expectation, this sense that God is going to show up and speak into our lives and transform us and change us. You can feel as people gather, the buzz as they talk, the smiles and joy and the freedom as we worship together in music. This is an amazing time right now at The Gathering. Continue to pray that God will use us as we make a difference.

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