Today @ The Gathering – August 24

Today @ The Gathering we continued our new series entitled, “Chasing Balance” with positive principle number two, the principle of “Flow.”

After having built a solid foundation, we’re able to live each and every day out of the overflow of that relationship. What relationship? The relationship to the word of God, the purposes of God, the presence of God, and the promises of God. These are all relationship issues.

We asked four probing questions that each one of us have to confront each and every day.

1. Do I live each day out of that day’s strength?
That is, do I get up every day just trying to muster up enough strength to get through?

2. Do I live each day on the reserves of the past?

3. Do I live each day by stealing from the future?
Stealing from the future is the idea of being stuck in the past, being passive, not planning, dreaming, hoping, and not willing to put action to your plans.

4. Do I live each day out of a relational overflow? That’s the key; to live out of the joy that comes with being rightly connected with God, letting that overflow in the lives of other people.

We went to John 15 and talked about Jesus’ admonition that we abide in Him,
that we can produce no fruit without being connected to the vine. What a beautiful image! Our foundation of the deep roots of our faith in God and the relationship that results; the vine that grows out of that good soil is Jesus Christ, and we’re connected. Each one of us is the vine. This would be an exceptional talk to send to someone you know. Direct them to the iTunes and subscribe to get these messages delivered straight to their inbox each week.

We also received an update on our Upgrade effort
to be able to raise $150,000 above our weekly giving in order to upgrade our equipment in our children’s and students areas as well as our ability to create the kind of environment that people can come into and experience the grace of God. Check out the web site and click on “Upgrade” to see how you can be involved.

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