Today @ The Gathering – December 9th

Today @ The Gathering we completed Day 7 in the life of a big, scary, audacious dream with the message entitled, “The Day You Refuse to Quit.”

Quitting is epidemic in our culture. Our economy is based on it. It’s called planned obsolescence. We buy things, use them, and throw them away. And while that may work for things, it’s a terrible way to build a life and a rotten way to try to sustain relationships.

During this talk we dealt with the three measurements that will be applied to our lives. They’re not what you think. These measurements have nothing to do with achievements or the acquisition of goods, but something far more profound than that, as you’ll discover when you listen to this talk.

We were given four ways that we can get up in down times. A part of this list of practical spiritual disciplines was dealing with 2 Peter 1, where Peter told us to add to our faith so we wouldn’t become ineffective and unproductive in our knowledge of Christ. How many people simply name the name of Jesus, but there is no depth or content to that profession? There are no feet put to the actions and attitudes that they claim. Ultimately we have to prove to people that we know God by our actions and our attitudes.

Also this weekend it was announced that our year-end offering this year will go toward creating a facilities fund for The Gathering. As God continues to bless and more people continue to come, we’ll eventually outgrow the theatre in which we are meeting. Right now is the time to plan for that, so that when God opens up a warehouse, a storefront or some other venue, we’ll have some resources to help us seize the opportunities.

So if God has blessed you and you’re looking for a place to invest as this year comes to an end, consider giving generously at our Christmas Eve service to our new facilities fund.

Also, remember to make a point to attend The Gathering on December 23rd as we observe communion during both of our services.

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