Today @ The Gathering: How to Make Sense of Your Dollars

Where in the world do you go to learn about what money is and how it works?  Sometimes it’s very difficult to find sane resources of advice.

Oftentimes our parents don’t know any more about how to manage money than we do.  My parents didn’t teach me because I don’t think they really knew.  They got up and worked every day and hoped that things would just simply work out at the end.

The truth is, money is a God thing.  It’s not just a business thing, a mundane thing, a profane thing that we use and live outside the providence of God.

Today we talked about the five truths of money.  Money is amoral, neutral, active, dumb, and a revealer of what’s at the core of our heart.

We talked about the deceptions that come from money: If you think money will make you better, or make you happier, and that money can make you independent or invincible.

We ended our talk with the three ways in which money becomes a powerful asset.  And we also talked about what real wealth is.

Your net worth does not determine your self-worth, but your self-worth will ultimately, with wisdom, determine your net worth. The question before the house is this: Will you live and work a lifetime and at the end of it have nothing to show but debt and unpaid bills?  Are you living right now in your relationship with things, that you’ll be able to leave a legacy; a legacy of generosity, a legacy of blessing and helping others?  It’s your choice, but you’ve got to know how money works.

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