Today @ The Gathering: If You Want to Hold Onto That Bitterness, Go Right Ahead – Step #8: Follow Up

Today @ The Gathering we talked about one of the most powerful steps in any person’s growth; and that is the ability, the willingness, and the strategy to extend forgiveness and grace to those who have wounded us.

We talked about the four kinds of people who wound us: those who mean to, those who didn’t mean to, those who don’t care, and those who don’t even know that they did.

We talked about what Jesus taught about forgiveness; the two elements that are essential for forgiveness to happen.

But maybe the most important thing we talked about today was, what is the cost of unforgiveness, as well as the cost of forgiveness?

Forgiveness costs us two things we can live without, but evidently we don’t want to: our arrogance and our pride.  For me to not forgive those who have wounded me means I have to put myself in a superior position; that I would never stoop to hurting anyone the way I’ve been hurt.  While I hope that would be true, I certainly can’t guarantee it, because I do stupid things all the time.

What does forgiveness cost us? More than you’re willing to pay. I guarantee it.

It is true that religion can make you a better frog.  But only Jesus can turn frogs into princes and princesses.  And we become that as we act like the Lord we serve, and extend grace and forgiveness.

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